Mel Ott Little league is a Volunteer Baseball / Softball League open to boys and girls ages 4 thru 18, the organization is charted by Little League International, Williamsport . Our program was established in 1958 in District #1 in the State of New York.

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Mel Ott little league is a volunteer supported organization.

We are located behind Sweet Home Middle School, 377 Meyer Road, Amherst NY, 14226





The following sets forth the specific league policy, rules, and requirements 
governing behavior of adults and children present at the Mel Ott Little League (MOLL) complex at any time and at all MOLL games at home or away fields: 
MOLL has Zero Tolerance for un-sportsmanlike or unacceptable behavior. 
All adults present will be accountable for their behavior and the behavior of their guests. Parents and guardians will be accountable for the behavior of their children. 
This document will be used to certify that adults, parents, and guardians 
understand their responsibilities dictated by this policy. Failure to comply may result in the immediate expulsion from the complex of the offending individual. If expelled, the individual may not return to the complex pending action by the MOLL Code of Conduct Committee.

1. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is forbidden at games and practices. 
2. Persons under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances are prohibited from games and practices. 
3. Firearms and weapons are prohibited, except in possession of law 
enforcement personnel. 
4. Positive cheering and words of encouragement are acceptable; jeering, 
booing, hissing, taunting, or any other form of negative fan interaction is 
5. Use of profane language is forbidden. 
6. Verbal abuse in any form of umpires, league officials, coaches, players, or spectators is prohibited. 
7. Cooperation with umpires, league officials, coaches, and team representatives is expected. 
8. Respect for and adherence to all league rules, policies, and guidelines is 
9. Adults are expected to role-model sportsmanship at all times, regardless of any perceived lack of sportsmanship exhibited by anyone else. 
I hereby certify that I have read and understand the Zero Tolerance Policy of Mel Ott Little League, and will adhere to the intent and spirit of this Policy.


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Field Status
Away Modified BB - ECIC TBD (7/29) 
Away Modified BB - ECIC TBD (7/29) 
Batting Cage - MOLL TBD (7/29) 
Lou Gehrig -(New Rd) - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
Mathewson Mc-Wherle 1 - Amherst  -- 
MO D1 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MO D2 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MO D3 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MO D4 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MO D5 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MO D6 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MO D7 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MO D8 - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
MOLL D5 PRACTICE - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
SHHS Turf - Amherst TBD (7/29) 
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