Mel Ott Little league is a Volunteer Baseball / Softball League open to boys and girls ages 4 thru 18, the organization is charted by Little League International, Williamsport . Our program was established in 1958 in District #1 in the State of New York.

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Playoff Schedule

Playoff 2018 Schedule


Yes.....Yes, I do.

Now that Sunday Funday and All-Star activities are complete, we need to get down to business and determine our Division Champions!

  See the "Master Schedule" for all confirmed dates.  All Championships will be determined by a "Best of 3 Game" series.

Some things to NOTE:

- MAJORS Division - The matchup is set, Diamondbacks vs Yankees for the MAJORS CHAMPIONSHIP.  The only left to determine is who will be the #1 Seed and who will be the #2 Seed.

- 3A Division - Semifinal Matchups will be set by this Saturday (6/16).  The Semifinal matchups are single elimination.

- 2A Division - The matchup is set, Royals vs Mets for the 2A CHAMPIONSHIP.  The only left to determine is who will be the #1 Seed and who will be the #2 Seed.

- 1A Division - #1 Seed & #2 Seed get a BYE for the Quarterfinals.  Quarterfinal Matchups will be set by this Saturday (6/16).  Semifinal Matchups will be based on the winners of the Quarterfinal Matchups.  The Quarterfinal & Semifinal matchups are single elimination.

Any questions or concerns please contact Mike Salvati


Reminder: ​June 29th Final Dinner Celebration and Movie Night!

Join us for dinner and a baseball moive as the season draws to an end.  This year parents and players can enjoy a free meal

(Hamburger, Hotdog, or Chicken sandwich)

​Please let us know you are going to be able to join us by picking up your dinner ticket at the concession stand.  This will help us prepare for the fun!  Additional meals can be purchased for $5 each.  

Big Raffle drawing will also be held on this date.

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Field Status
Away Modified BB - ECIC TBD (6/21) 
Away Modified BB - ECIC TBD (6/21) 
Batting Cage - MOLL TBD (6/21) 
Lou Gehrig -(New Rd) - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
Mathewson Mc-Wherle 1 - Amherst  -- 
MO Batting Cages - Amherst OPEN (6/21) 
MO D1 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MO D2 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MO D3 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MO D4 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MO D5 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MO D6 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MO D7 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MO D8 - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
MOLL D5 PRACTICE - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
SHHS Turf - Amherst TBD (6/21) 
Sweet Home Middle school - Amherst OPEN (6/21) 
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